Destruction Flag Otome – Side Story 4

Omega Harem Translations

Side Story 4 – Entering magic school

Born as the daughter of a countryside baron in a border town, this spring, I entered magic school.

Magic school is where people with magic power are gathered once they reach fifteen years of age. I was no exception as I activated my magic powers when I was six, and so I also entered magic school.

However, this school has many high-ranking nobles, as the daughter of a countryside baron, the threshold’s a bit too high for me.

If only, my magic was a little stronger, or if I was better at studying, or if I was a special beauty…… If I was a bit more like that person with light magic, Maria Campbell-san…… I’d be able to have a little more self-confidence……

I have hardly any magic, I can barely keep up in my studies, and people would say that my face…

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