Destruction Flag Otome – Side story 5

Omega Harem Translations

Side story 5 – Noble wives’ tea party, again

“Really, Claes-sama’s daughter is so wonderful. The other students call her saint-sama, and it seems that she has many admirers.”

Once a month, we would have a noble wives’ tea party. When I heard another parent telling me this, at first I thought I had misheard something.

But when I asked to make sure, I got the same reply again…… I concluded that she must have gotten confused with someone else.

The reason being, I only have one daughter. And, that daughter of mine is a problem child that always leaves me wondering how on earth I raised her to be like this.

Even though she’s from a noble family, a duke’s daughter on top of that, she climbs trees while still wearing a dress, wears work clothes and plows a field, and picks up food to eat from the garden…

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