Spirit Migration – Volume 2 – CH10 – The problems of the Diretoss family

Tensai Translations

For the long awaited Spirit Migration chapter is here!
On the special occasion that also happens to be the anniversary of the re:translations group!
Enjoy this long chapter (it took a while)
And enjoy the pleasant news at the bottom of the chapter ^~^

(The walls of text are getting shorter everytime, what’s happening to me?!)

—-Before dawn. Inside Alice’s bedroom, the small dog Kou, came out from under the sheets, jumped off the bed after pulling the sheets over Alice. After dinner last night he had slept here, instead of inside the rearing room.

[Well then, first things first, let’s gather some information.]

The first thing Kou did, while thinking about the adventurer teachings Elmel and the others taught him, was to gather information, in order to prepare for the next important step. From all the people working inside this mansion, everyone until the head…

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