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Ark Volume 18 chapter 4

ACT 4: Media Power!

“I guess it has begun now.”

A man muttered as he looked at the clock on the wall. With a bushy beard and thick potbelly, it was a man in his late thirties wearing pyjamas. He looked like any ordinary father living next door. And he was actually a common neighbourhood ajusshi. But that was in reality. Once he entered through the magic door to a fantasy world called New World he was Raiden, the leader of the Hermes alliance filled with hundreds of people. Yes, this ajusshi was the leader of the Hermes alliance Raiden! It was currently 8 o’clock in the morning. It was still too early to be active in the game. Raiden’s normal pattern was to log on at 12 o’clock. However he had been unable to sleep last night.

“It has to work……”

It wasn’t possible to hide his anxiety as Raiden muttered before taking out a cigarette. The reason he had a sleepless night was because today was ‘the day.’ It was the formal debut stage of the Hermes alliance’s secret society!

“Today I will see if the secret suicide squad can play an active role.”

Raiden had a lot of expectations towards the suicide squad. No, to be exact they were the only thing he could rely on. It wasn’t necessary to explain but the Hermes alliance was in massive debt after the lawless port was destroyed. That was not the whole problem. At the time, Raiden had gathered funds from the alliance to invest into construction of the lawless port. The amount of profit gained from the lawless port depended on the funds invested. If it had gone as planned and they were able to recapture Seutandal then the dividends would be enormous. The lawless port seemed to be a business plan with a 100% success rate. In addition, Seutandal would be a golden goose once it was recaptured! Everybody in the Hermes alliance invested with the dream of making a fortune and the lawless port was able to be created in a short amount of time. But the lawless port was smashed before it could give any profits. At the same time, the investments of the alliance members became toilet paper overnight. Whether it be dozens of gold or hundreds of gold, all the alliance members’ blames were directed at Raiden. That wasn’t all. The person who most believed in the success of the lawless port plan was Raiden himself! He believed that shares in the lawless port was a guaranteed blue chip (stock where growth, profitability and stability was secured) and he believed that the one who held the most shares would profit the most. He had mobilized his offline and online contacts and prepared money to invest. Thanks to that, Raiden was backed into a corner in both New Word and reality.

‘But if the suicide squad succeeds today……’

As much as 10,000 gold (from the lawless port stolen goods) would come into his possession. It wouldn’t be enough to settle all his problems but it would turn off the heat.

‘There is also one more important thing aside from the money coming in today. I will be able to gauge if the secret society will be profitable. In the words of Jewel, obtaining the 10,000 gold won’t be a problem. It will be possible to recover all our losses and have a reserve source of income if they prove successful today.’

“And once again Seutandal…… Huhuhu, hahaha!”

Raiden cackled at the thought of the rosy future. Then the door suddenly opened and a sharp voice could be heard.

“Shut up! You’re laughing when I just received an early morning call from debt collectors!”

A woman who was Raiden’s wife yelled into his ear. Raiden winced and closed his mouth before stuttering.

“Oh, no, this is…..”

“I really can’t live like this. How could you borrow money without saying a word to me? Do you know what it is like receiving called from loan companies? If you don’t pay it off within a week then they will send someone!”

“U-understood. It can be solved today if everything goes well.”

“Bah, are you certain? I’ll tell you in advance but I can’t live with debt-stricken people. If you don’t fix it in a few days then I will take the children and go to my parent’s house!”

His wife shouted as she poked him angrily.

‘Damn, I have to pay off that borrowed money.’

Raiden continued smoking while sighing. He had stayed up all night chain smoking. He couldn’t possibly eat until he heard news of Jewel’s victory. Well, if he didn’t pay back the money then his wife wouldn’t be setting the table for him. Raiden restlessly pulled out some milk from the refrigerator. He was drinking the milk when his son turned on the TV and its sound could be heard.

“Today’s game exclusive scoop will be a special live broadcast!”

‘Game exclusive scoop? Is it already that time?’

Raiden drank the milk and turned his eyes towards the TV.

Originally the game exclusive scoop was broadcasted once a week during the evening. But since viewers started to protest that the information was coming in too late so a program called ‘game scoop hot issues’ began in the morning hours.

‘Anyway this is a special live broadcast? Had an event begun in New World?’

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