Death March new chapter

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Volume 6 Intermission 4

Intermission: Dream of Summer Day

It is dream, things that happened a long time ago, dream of distant day.

“You too, let’s go play together.”

I was interested with a girl of the same age who was looking bashfully from behind the offering box of the shrine, so I gathered my courage and invited that girl to play.

“My name is Ichirou. How about you?”
“I am •••”
“Hee~, the name really sounds like a shrine girl.”

I lead the girl by hands, taking her to the shrine ground where my cousins are playing. At first she was quiet, but after we began playing song and hide-and-seek, she lets out bright smile that wouldn’t lose to her beautiful red hair while laughing.

Fun time quickly passes. The sun is already hidden between the mountains.

“Everyone, let’s go home soon. You too, •••, let’s go home together until the middle.”
“My house is here.”

The girl said so while going back to the shrine.
I had certainly heard the girl’s name, but I couldn’t remember it no matter what.

“Right at that time, the prince appears, and defeat the bad dragon with one swing of his sword.”
“I don’t like that story.”

Looks like she didn’t like the picture book that I tried hard to read.
The girl who sulks a bit plays with her with reddish-orange hair while pouting.

“This shrine is dedicated for a dragon god. Her name is Mizuhana-hime.”

The girl sticks out her chests while looking proud.

This shrine worships a god called Ama-no-Mizuhana-hime.

“Then, then. Mizuhana-hime crossed the rainbow and came here. She was angry at a young man of the village who went to see her dancing on top of the mountain of this shrine.”
“Why was she angry?”

The girl pouts because she can’t remember it.

“Uu~ dunno. She was angry surely because it was not good! Don’t look at the practice she said.”
“She’s shy huh.”
“Yes, she must be!”

The girl who awkwardly folds her slender arms is nodding as if convinced by her own story.

“And then! The angry goddess-sama turned into a dragon and flew to the sky, bringing rain that continued for three days and night.”
“Eeh~, wouldn’t it just fine to forgive him just by poking his forehead.”
“Uu~ it’s alright! Because this is a legend!”

Seems that excessive retort is forbidden.

“The young man who saw the dancing on top of this mountain desperately apologized to the goddess. And then, the goddess forgave and married the young man.”

I don’t understand it.
What? that rapid development. The story must be shortened huh.

Inside the shrine’s office, we’re eating watermelons while listening to the cicada’s sound until our ears hurt. Eating energetically to the point that it ruins her face which is slightly older than me, she bites the watermelon and spouts out the seeds.

“Hey, you’re a girl, so get it in your hands and put it back on the plate.”
“Ichirou is stupid! It’s more delicious to eat watermelons like this! Only children like us are allowed to do this. Stop saying those garish words.”

She overreacts while messing with the green hair that has the same color as watermelons on her shoulders.
The girl is always energetic.

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3 Responses to Death March new chapter

  1. exqalph03 says:

    ugu~! So sad? I mean if that’s so, doesn’t that mean they always get seperated and then meet again? always looping ~_~ I wish them happiness lol.

    thanks for the chapter ^^.


    • KiraKiller says:

      Yeah, i think that the sad part is that she remember everythings.
      And dat’s my lil’ Satou? And Dragon God…Dragon… Meteoric Attack… Dragon God can restore back…
      … I think i remember something about this…


      • exqalph03 says:

        yup, yup! I mean the so called beginning of the DM is also with him raining meteors on the dragons right? Also with him killing the Dragon God. Though maybe I’m just reading into it too much or that it’s not connected, anyway just thinking of the time and efforts she’s spending to (maybe) be with Satou, and with Satou not remembering her each and every time gives me a heart ache.

        lol heart ache? heart ache it is. 😉


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