Vol. 3 Chapter 27: Operation Fake Death (II)

The entrance to the underground dungeon was under the oldest building in the academy. However, normally, the entrance looked like a warehouse’s door.

From looking at the rusty nails, the worn-out wooden door looked as if it was about to collapse.

But, in actual fact, it only looked that way. There’s an unique magic formation above the door to prevent it from being destroyed.

And with my current abilities, it’s basically impossible to break that door.

However, its defense isn’t actually perfect. From the incident that happened earlier, the other entrance to the underground dungeon was actually revealed when it was attacked.

“This is the entrance? It doesn’t look the part.”

Yuon looked at the huge door, and knocked on it.

She then took out something similar to a magnifying glass and stuck it on the door. Right after, she pressed the button on the magnifying glass.

A blue circle…

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