Chapter 130: Bitter Taste of Victory


My apologies to the readers for posting it 1 day(I think) late from the time it was done editing, I was dealing with my graduate school admission. Credits to all that helped in its editing: Sac-kun Loliquent and Pork.

I’ll try to post 131 immediately after it’s done being edited.

Thank you for your patience.

Chapter 130: Bitter Taste of Victory

As Lenion channels his spell, he opens his eyes as a fierce windstorm surrounds him.

However, the two people present is firmly rooted to the ground, without being blown off by his windstorm. Lenion intends to use an attack stronger than awhile ago. So this time, he directs his sword towards the sky, and what appears are numerous tornadoes in the sky.

“It was not my intention to destroy this country, but now that it has come to this, I’ll blow everything away!” (Lenion)

If a tornado that can…

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