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Chapter 93: Midway Destruction of Medicine

Seven or eight horse drawn carriages slowly trotted down the road under the scorching sun of the noontide heat. In its overbearing heat, the guards all around the carts were drenched in a fine mist of sweat and agitated voices drifted out from the carriages.

Part of the escort team was Jia Lie Nu, a three star Da Dou Shi and one of the two elders of the Jia Lie Clan, was considered one of the strongest within Wu Tan City. With his strength, having him personally escort the medicinal ingredients highlighted the importance they held to the clan. However, it would seem that Jia Lie Nu had received no news of the disappearance of Liu Xi, otherwise the elder would’ve immediately returned the expensive ingredients.

Jia Lie Nu sat crossed leg on one of the horse drawn carriages. Regardless of how much the carriages tossed and shook, his body did not move. Having lived in luxury and comfort for some time, he was growing impatient after two days of travel.

“It’s all because of that damn Xiao Clan. Sooner or later, I will destroy all of you.” Jia Lie Nu clenched his teeth and muttered angrily. He then turned his head slightly and observed the neatly-stacked medicinal ingredients through a window behind him. A look of helplessness appeared on his expressionless face.

Although storage rings would certainly make transportation more convenient, a low-grade ring only had two or three cubic meters worth of space and in order to fully store all the medicinal ingredients it would have required at least five low-grade storage rings. These rings were rare and expensive, and even the entire Jia Lie Clan had two. Thus, they could only use the cumbersome method of carriages to transport the ingredients.

Tiredly blinking his eyes, Jia Lie Nu, who had began napping, realised that the carriage at the front had suddenly stopped. Faint angry shouts vibrated through the air.

Furrowing his eyebrows, Jia Lie Nu was about to call someone to investigate what happened, when a guard of the Jia Lie clan came hurrying from the front. He urgently reported, “Elder, there is a black-cloaked man blocking our path.”

Hearing this, Jia Lie Nu’s face darkened. Now that they have entered the territory of Wu Tang City, who would dare block them?

With a cold glint appearing in his eyes, Jia Lie Nu nodded his head slightly and hopped off the horse carriage. He swiftly progressed in the direction of the convoy and finally saw a black-cloaked man sitting on a huge rock in the middle of the road. Although he could not see the black-cloaked man’s face, he could feel the ill intention from the gaze of the black-cloaked man.

“Who are you? Why are you blocking our path?” Jia Lie Nu’s gaze swept across the black-cloaked man before asking in a deep voice.

“You must be members of the Jia Lie Clan, no?” An aged voice escaped from below the black cloak.

Jia Lie Nu’s face twitched. With a somber expression, he waved his arm. The dozens of guards behind him immediately drew their weapons from their waist and stared inhospitably at the unknown and mysterious black-cloaked man.

“Well, it seems that I was right.” Looking at the reaction from Jia Lie Nu, the black cloaked man simply smiled and leaped from the huge rock before strolling over to the convoy.

Coldly watching the approaching black-cloaked man, Jia Lie Nu grabbed a huge bow and arrow from the guard beside him. He pulled at the bowstring and the bow bent like a cord. Upon release, the arrow transformed into a ferocious wind and shot towards the black-cloaked man’s throat.

Accompanying the arrow was a frightening whistle of breaking wind. When it was one meter away from the black-cloaked man however, a group of white flames appeared suddenly, turning the arrow into black ashes as soon as it touched the flame.

Watching the scene before him, Jia Lie Nu’s face changed color. An uneasiness began rising from within him. It appeared that the black-cloaked man in front of him was not weaker than a Da Dou Shi.

Slowly releasing his breath, Jia Lie Nu grabbed a deep blue long spear from a guard behind him. A faint blue Dou Qi was emitted from his body. Instantly, the surrounding air became more humid. Clearly, his Qi Method was that of the dark and chilly water element.

Grabbing the long spear, Jia Lie Nu stared intently at the black-cloaked man. He adjusted his body slightly before suddenly jumping off the ground. His body turned into a blue light, rushing forward and closing in on the black-cloaked man.

In midair, Jia Lie Nu maintained a respectful face as the long spear suddenly and violently shook. The Dou Qi on it shone brilliantly. With a vibration of the spear, echos followed.

“Overlapping Waves!”

“Overlapping Waves” a Low Xuan Dou Technique, was the strongest technique that Jia Lie Nu could fully control. His long period of training had allowed him to master this Dou Technique to perfection. Being released at its full force, the strength was such that even a six star Da Dou Shi would not dare to underestimate it.

Following the yell from Jia Lie Nu, a huge blue wave comprised of energy emitted from within the shining blue long rod. The huge wave of energy rose up high into the sky before abruptly gashing towards the rooted black-cloaked man,,

Around the convoy, proud cheers erupted upon seeing their elder reveal his god-like strength. Throughout their journey, the group had met a couple of robbers, but each and everyone of them were all killed under Jia Lie Nu’s spear. In most people’s eyes, another victim was about to be added.

The huge blue wave rolled along the horizon. Within it, a tiny light suddenly expanded. Like lightning, a long spear shot toward the black-cloaked man’s head.

“Die!” Seeing that the target was almost within reach, a sinister expression flashed across Jia Lie Nu’s face as he coldly smiled. Energy gushed uncontrollably from the spear in his hand.

Just as the long rod was about to strike his skull cap, the black-cloaked man slowly raised his head. The image of a delicate and pretty face was revealed under the sunlight was imprinted upon Jia Lie Nu’s eyes.

“This… is that rascal from the Xiao Clan?”

Recognizing the familiar face, Jia Lie Nu’s eyes narrowed and his killing intent grew immediately.

The long spear grew increasingly closer. Just as it was about to make contact, however, a white flame suddenly flowed from the black-cloaked man’s body. Finally, it acted as a fire source and swept towards Jia Lie Nu, who was in midair.

The white flame flashed across the horizon and everyone felt a chill on their skin. Immediately, the wave, spear, and person.. disappeared.

On the road, the cheers were suddenly halted. The guards of the Jia Lie Clan, like a duck with its neck broken, widened their mouths and hyperventilated. The arrogance on their faces slowly transformed into fear. When their gaze once again fell on the black-cloaked man, the terror within was much like how one would look at a monster.

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