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ST Book 12 Qin Yu – Chapter 13 Sword Waves in All Directions

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After a decade, Yan Gao’s master – Yu Dian, resumed his hunt to avenge his disciple Yan Gao. Knowing the killer was a powerful figure, he had brought with him four late stage golden immortals to help him with the elimination task. After finding out the most likely suspect was Qin Yu, he led his group of five to Bamboo Garden, rained death upon the residents of the garden, to arrogantly announce his arrival…

Within a misty spatial pocket, a silently meditating Qin Yu was sitting in a cross-legged position. His hands deftly shifted from one hand seal to the next of the thirty-six different hand seals, with practiced ease. These hand seals belong to the art known as ‘3-in-9 Soul Refinement’ technique, whereas the thirty-six hand seals was only the first three movements – part of the first stage (human stage), of the soul refining art.

Consequently, the spatial pocket he was residing in wasn’t a normal space, but the spatial pocket manifested by his soul.

The thirty-six hand seals each consume a large and increasing amount of soul force, when made. At the beginning, Qin Yu found that later hand seals of the series were incredibly difficult to form, but now and over the course of his meditation, he could form them much more freely.

And just like that tireless training, Qin Yu had successfully made it through every one of the thirty-six hand seals. He felt his entire existence was immersed in the embracing comfortable and wondrous space, and in there the passage of time was non-existent, thus time outside flowed by endlessly.

A soft voice echoed in the depths of that soul space, waking Qin Yu like being doused in icy cold water.

Within the Jade Immortal Mansion.

A cross-legged statue jerked alive. The statue’s eyes flickered open. Before Qin Yu’s eyes was the familiar teal-green jade colour that was of the Jade Immortal Mansion. In his ears was the crystal clear sounds of splashing and sloshing of flowing water on the fountain nearby.

The same soft but anxious sounding voices rang in his head. “Master, the situation is terrible. The enemy has invade the garden intending to slaughter us.” The voice belong the two very nervous sounding Shuo Yan and Zang Yuan.

The two weren’t too worried about themselves, because they could just instantly return to the first layer world of the Atlas. They feared the worst for their master – Qin Yu. They feared that the enemy would’ve killed Qin Yu within the hidden cultivation chamber.

But what they didn’t know was that Qin Yu was meditating within the Jade Immortal Mansion.

“Hoh? The enemy?”

Qin Yu frowned at this, who would dare attack him right now? He instantly expanded his immortal spiritual powers out of the jade immortal mansion to investigate the disruption in the bamboo gardens. Ever since the fusion of his soul with the meteoric tear, his soul and soul force has undergone amazing transformations. Such as his ability to use greater teleportation when at the normal immortal stage and having extremely powerful passive and active detection capabilities of the soul.

“Hmm, the enemy consists of five people. The most powerful is at level 9 golden immoral stage.” A flicker of his thoughts, he could clearly perceive insightful knowledge about the enemy force. “All five are quite powerful.” He was startled with the information. In just that brief moment, he had his spiritual powers encompass the entire garden and the hell it was wrought into, and covered the entire Liu Feng city to discover his disciple – Liu Han Shu, currently present in the main hall of the Liu clan’s headquarters.

He instantly made his decision, “First. Shuo Yan, Zang Yuan, there’s no need to evade those sword waves anymore. Return to the Atlas, where you will be safe.” Without pause and a flicker of his thoughts, he withdrew Shuo Yan and Zang Yuan back into the Atlas of ten thousand beasts. With the Jade Immortal Mansion’s protection, he would not believe that the five opponents would be able to find and perceive through the contraptions and protections set by Emperor Ni Yang himself. “Well, first things first, I should calculate how long I’ve been undergoing this time’s closed-door training session.” After a short while, his eyes flickered with wisdom. “Ahh, whilst training, it did only seemed like a few months or years. In a blink of an eye, a decade had passed.”

He pursed his lips. “Oh that’s right, no wait…..ten years…..didn’t the Liu clan’s clan leader say, ten years ago, that the contest for the control of the teleportation arrays was going to be held in ten years’ time? I wonder if it was held already.” As soon as he thought of it, he put it aside, it wasn’t his problem nor the important matter at hand.

Carefully, he started to investigate the details of his progress with his latest training session. “Ha, I’ve wasted at least half a year’s time.” He found that he had already successfully achieved the complete ‘Human’ Stage of his Soul Refinement technique.

Ten years ago, his soul was at the level 8 normal immortal stage, and half a year ago he was already at level 1 golden immortal stage, which wasn’t much of a surprise. It was just that Qin Yu was fully immersed in that transient realm so he did not notice his ‘Human’ stage soul was already achieved, and he could’ve started on the next step – the ‘Earth’ stage of his soul refinement arts.

Feeling quite happy with his progress, a smile surfaced on his face. “Hah, my soul has reached level 1 golden immortal stage. Refining one or two level 1 golden immortal yuanying shouldn’t be difficult now.” He was confident in his success to refine such yuanying, and yet he did not start refining.

Now was not the sort of situation where he wanted to start refining, because five powerful experts who were here to kill him was outside. So if he did not come out of hiding, the five intruders would continue to wreak havoc on the surroundings including the city. Along that line of thought, Qin Yu wasn’t……too worried about confronting the five intruders as well. “My immortal sword puppet may just be one level 9 golden sword immortal, but he wields and uses the most powerful sword style in all of the immortal planes – the ‘Heaven Sundering Sword style’, and its body is nearly indestructible. Simply considering the toughness and defence of the puppet, it is alone, powerful enough, toface a level 1 mystic sword immortal’s assault. If not wiping the floor of these fools, at least I will not lose.”

There isn’t another sword immortal with toughness comparable to the sword puppet, nor there another sword immortal with offensive power as one who uses the supreme sword art – Heaven Sundering Sword. Simply by these two factors, Qin Yu’s sword puppet was at least one level higher than sword immortals of the same level as it.

He knew the battle wasn’t going to be an easy one at that. “Those five experts outside have peak powers of this stage, I cannot be careless. Best I control the sword puppet myself then using my thoughts to remotely control it.” His soul quickly separated itself from his body. As it flew it, the sword puppet also appeared in the courtyard of the jade immortal mansion, where the soul directly entered the sword puppet without hesitation.

Normally, to control one’s precious equipment involve using thoughts, but in actual fact, precise control of the equipment uses soul force, and with an equipment directly possessed by the master’s soul, control is most articulate.

Once his soul had entered the puppet, a flash of an idea happened on him. He instantly moved the Blazing Ice Ring into the puppet’s interior, then altogether, exited the jade immortal mansion.

In the air above the bamboo garden, the five invader still levitated in the five primary vertices of a star. They were Yu Dian’s group of avengers consisting of four disciples of the third generation jade sword school descendants. Instead of delightful faces having relieved themselves by massacring all in the bamboo garden, they were serious but somewhat disappointed faces.

The one called Feng Lian opened his mouth and wondered aloud, “Master, there isn’t a shred of life force in the bamboo garden below, do you suppose that……honoured guest of the Liu clan has also been killed?”

Yu Dian only frowned but did not reply.

The ‘five point chain sword formation’ was a formation with the five of them standing at the five vertices of the formation, with their hands contorted into the hand seals belonging to the Imperial Spirits style. The formation is merely for skimming out the ‘fat’ or the weak over a large area with an area-of-effect technique. Though, countless sword waves filled the large area the technique encompasses, it could be quite easily shrugged off by powerful golden immortals.

Who would have thought that the formation, which is completed their hand seals, would not leave a single speck of life force in the entire bamboo gardens. Even Lu Cao agreed with this juncture. “Master, if you take the size and location of this puny amber moon planet, and the size of the Liu clan, it is obvious that the strength of the honoured guests of the Liu clan is comparable to the total power of the Liu clan. I’d say that the honoured guest is but a level 9 normal immortal. Maybe the man had already died from our formation attack just then.” Lu Cao’s lips curved upwards into an eventual smile.

If the suspect, which is the Liu family honoured guest, was just an ordinary level 9 immortal who was killed in one move by their formation, and if this got out, they would be a laughingstock for overkilling such a weak target. Yu Dian felt slightly ashamed to bring five late stage golden immortals, including himself, to take out a level 9 immortal. He pondered for a short while then looked at Heng Yu. “Martial nephew, your soul force is the most powerful of us, could you……check if there are any more human beings in this bamboo garden?”

“Of course, martial uncle.”

Heng Yu immediately spread his spiritual power to sweep over every nook and cranny of the bamboo garden belong. His spiritual powers even swept over the speck of gravel, which was the jade immortal mansion. Even if he probe every aspect of the surroundings, the jade immortal mansion included, how could this fellow even imagine breaking passed the illusionary and defensive spells placed by emperor Ni Yang, himself, on the jade immortal mansion.

“Martial uncle, I’ve just swept the entire gardens with my spiritual power and did not find a single person ali…” ––––––– Before Heng Yu could finish his sentence, be choked on his words and ‘coughed’, an expression of shock adorned his previously aloof figure, because…

A shadowy figure emerged out from behind some, still standing, bamboo shoots.

The figure resembled a young man whom was dress in a flowing black robe, with the hilt of a long sword strapped to his back.

The five intruders instantaneously flicked their gaze to rest on this newcomer.

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