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Chapter 45 (The Loneliness of Abandonment)

There were no monsters on the way back. Before, we had killed them too fast, and they had not respawned yet. Besides, I now had two additional high-level equipment. With a Defense of 212 and Attack even reached 200-245 now, to hit a skeleton on the same level, even without dealing a critical hit, I would still cause a damage of over 300.

All the equipment would give a total of 71 Agility points, which would be enough to compete with a Thief. Too bad Thief profession gained an additional 200% Agility bonus. So to attack and run faster than a Thief would be essentially not possible unless the Thief only wore white equipment…

I turned my head to look at Murong Shan Shan. Her snow-white face showed a trace of tiredness. After fighting one whole night, she was indeed exhausted. The mission did not require us to collect any items. When we killed the Necromancer, the system notification had prompted that our mission was complete. So now, we only needed to go back to the workers at the sawmill to collect our mission reward.

The hut was as it was like before, and those workers were already expecting our arrival. As soon we approached the room, the mission was officially completed!


System Notification: You completed [Mission: The Evil Necromancer]. You gain 84,000 experience and 8 gold coins. Prestige +620. You get a skill book: [Battle Axe Strike]

Battle Axe Strike: Book. Barbarian unique skill – Produce a throwing ax inflicting great damage to a target. Will always hit the target. Level 1 will cause additional 15% to normal damage. When the skill level increases, the damage will also increase. Level required to learn the skill: 14.

I looked at Murong Shan Shan with a surprise as she was also looking at me surprisingly. It was obvious, she had also got the skill book.

I spoke out first, “I got a Barbarian skill, what about you?”

Murong Shan Shan coldly said, “I got a Thief skill – [Haste], within 30 seconds, the Thief action speed increased 100% with 5 minutes of cooldown time.”

“Damn, such an excellent stuff!” I was a little disappointed. It at that time I could choose the Thief class, then after learning this skill I would be like a phantom. And with my sharp skill, I could play the Thief in an elegant style and bring its potential to the fullest.

Now… I had to enhance my Swordsman high Attack to efficiently kill enemies!

At this time, nobody would have thought that one day my Swordsman avatar could have the same characteristics as a Thief class.

“Ah,” Murong Shan Shan sighed in silent and said helplessly, “I’ll sell this book to Xu Xing for 50,000 RMB…”

“What? Fifty thousand? It would be great if this could be even sold for ten thousand, yet you want to sell it for fifty thousand?”

Murong Shan Shan said with confident, “Hehe, Xu Xing would surely buy it. I could use it to fund my activities and also to pay you your 2000 Yuan!”

I was speechless. This girl would even get someone she didn’t like to buy her stuff. I had no idea what she was thinking.

“Shan Shan, don’t you have any classes today? Isn’t it almost time for class now?”

“Class? Crap, I forgot about it. I haven’t attended the class for a week already. I’ll show up there for a moment and then go back to sleep. By the way, when will you get online again?”

“I’ll probably sleep until dinner time and get online again around 6.”

“Well, then I’ll contact you.”

“OK. Bye!”

Murong Shan Shan went offline right away in the hut, and I also went back to the city immediately to list the book for sale. There are currently many Level 14 Barbarians as well as rich people in Suzhou and Shanghai district. So the number of rich kids in Hurricane City who would pay a high price for this were countless.

I listed the [Battle Ax Strike] for auction at a 5000 RMB base price with no upper limit. The highest bidder after six hours would win the item. As for the money, it would be automatically deducted from the purchaser’s bank account while the system would charge a 2% transaction fee.

When I looked at the time, it was already 9 o’clock in the morning. My whole body had been exhausted. Everyone else in our studio had finished their breakfast and went online again. On the table, someone had prepared soy milk and other breakfast for me.

I grabbed a bite. When I was almost full, I went back to my room.


As I turned open the door, a soft body bumped into my arms. I looked down and saw it was Lu Xue Han whose face was blushing red like a ripe apple, wearing only a thin nightgown, with her snow-white skin loomed under the silky gown, and the black lingerie she was wearing looked very attractive.

She was holding a basin with shower gel and shampoo inside it. Obviously, she was going to take a bath.

“Xue Han, you’re taking a bath so early in the morning?”

Lu Xue Han lowered her embarrassed face and whispered, “Last night, I played until so late, so I just take a shower not. Lin Fan, did you get offline just now?”

“Yeah. What level are you now, Xue Han?”

“Almost Level 21.”

“Oh, you slacked off. Murong Shan Shan’s rank is already above you. She’s already Level 25 now. You need to put more effort in it.”

“I will.” Lue Xue Han obediently promised. The sight of her entering the bathroom had slightly turned me on.

“Tsk, tsk… This girl’s body turned out to be so sexy, how could I didn’t notice it before?” I wondered. As soon as I lied on the bed, I prepared for my deep sleep.

The sunlight on this early winter was unusually warm that it had warmed up the milky-white quilt so nicely. The smell of the plant from downstairs also flew in from the open window with the breezing wind. To rest in this kind of situation was really a rare thing!

After spending such a long time of leveling, I was exhausted and soon went into the dreamland.

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