Coiling Dragon new chapter

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CD Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 14, The Challenge

As Linley was sent smashing to the corridor outside, a hint of blood appeared at the corner of his lips.

He immediately launched himself from the ground, transforming into a ray of light and scurrying towards the main hall. Linley laughed coldly to himself, “Emanuel thinks he can kill me? However, unless it becomes necessary, there’s no rush for me to reveal my power.” At the same moment Linley was fleeing, he was also shouting, “Elder Garvey, save me!”

The explosion of the door, and Linley’s loud shout…given the hearing prowess of Highgods, how could they not hear this?

“Whoosh!” “Whoosh!”

From afar, multiple figures flew over at high speed, with the handsome youth, Garvey, at their head.

“Don’t even think about escape!” An angry voice rang out, and Emanuel’s body flashed out in pursuit of Linley, as fast as an arrow.

Linley, seeing Garvey and the black-robed men, immediately fled behind them. Only now did he say, “Elder Garvey, Elder Emanuel wants to kill me!” When Garvey heard this, his handsome face became filled with anger.

“Emanuel, what are you doing!” Garvey thundered.

The bald Emanuel came to a halt, staring angrily at Linley, then looked at Garvey. “Garvey, step aside.”

“Linley is our clansman. Why do you want to kill him?” Garvey was extremely upset. “So the reason you wanted to speak to him privately was so you could kill him.”

“No, that’s not it.”

Emanuel said hurriedly. Emanuel, seeing Garvey appear, knew that this situation had just grown complicated. This was what he had feared the most. But he was astonished as well. “That palm blow of mine actually didn’t kill Linley. Sovereign artifacts truly are powerful and useful in protecting one’s life.”

Linley had blood dribbling from his lips, and his face was ashen.

Emanuel had believed that the reason he wasn’t able to kill Linley with one blow was because of the Coiling Dragon ring.

He didn’t realize…

That the blood leaking from the corner of Linley’s lips and his ashen face were all part of Linley’s pretense.

“A simple palm like that, given my defense, won’t be able to harm me at all.” Linley snickered internally. “However, it’s best to hide my true strength for now.” After having arrived in the Four Divine Beasts clan, he had decided to first spend some time quietly accompanying his family and friends. After he became a Highgod, he would then go out to do battle.

In addition, after he became a Highgod, he would be of greater use.

He couldn’t reveal his strength for now. Once he did, his peaceful days would be over.

“Linley, tell me, what is this about?” Garvey looked at Linley.

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