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Volume 4 Chapter 35: Thunder Blade: Third Stage
After going through a gigantic change in emotion, his current state of mind was crystal clear, for now at least.
Without a second thought, his entire body and mind was focused on his blade.

“Hm?” after practicing for a bit, Luo Feng frowned and thought to himself as he tested some swings. After that, he would then again return to practicing, pause and think for a bit, and then practice again…..
The overall feeling of this was like Luo Feng’s experience of solving math problems while he was still enrolled in school.

To solve a really difficult math problem, you would have to try several different ways. With the information you know, you would continuously fix up your attempts….. until you solve it. The big math problems on the high school tests are super difficult. Sometimes, you can’t solve them by just putting in one or two hours.

And now, Luo Feng studied his blade technique like he was solving a math problem! However, unlike usual, Luo Feng’s current state of mind caused his brain to work much faster than before and allowed him to clearly control even the most obscure parts of his body.

One night of hard work. The morning of the second day was still filled with hard work.

In the afternoon of the second day, Luo Feng was deep in thought as he was holding his ghost blade and sitting on the balcony. He continued to sit there for three hours.

Luo Feng continued to study his blade technique and, as a result, forgot to eat, forgot all about the astronomical bounty, and forgot about all of his suspicions.

Late into the night of the second day, Luo Feng continued to swing his blade in the dark living room on the 8th floor of this residential building! The blade’s cold light completely chilled one’s heart.

Hu! Who knows how many times he has swung his blade by now, but this time, just a slight movement of the ghost blade caused a silver flash to brighten up the entire living room. There was a slight, odd vibration hidden in that light. Like a flash of lightning, the surrounding air caused a shockwave similar to a sonic boom with a “PUPU~” sound.

“Hm?” Luo Feng’s eyes widened in astonishment.

“It worked?”

“I actually completed it! I finally finished the the third stage of the《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》!” Luo Feng couldn’t help but to let out a shout of excitement and happiness.

The third stage of the thunder blade! Completed not too long after the announcement of the astronomical bounty.

“Each stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 gets harder and harder, and I just successfully completed the second stage not too long ago. Who would’ve thought that I could finish the third stage so soon!” Luo Feng let out a smile, “Indeed, I’ll have to thank Li Wei’s parents”. If Li Wei’s mother, Venina※Paulinus, knew that this happened, she’ll probably spit out blood from anger.

The《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》gets progressively harder! The only person able to complete all nine stages on this earth is ‘Thunder God’ alone.

This ultimate technique is extremely messed up.

The third stage is your strength multiplied by 28! Luo Feng’s current fitness level places him at the advanced warrior level. Multiply that by 28, and his attack power rivals an intermediate level warlord’s! 28! Keep in mind that one level only differs by around a multiple of two.

“My one blade, along with four exertions of force, rivals an intermediate warlord. If my spiritual force assists my ghost blade and adds a fifth or sixth force exertion….. my blade might rival an advanced level warlord!” Luo Feng clearly understood the power of his spiritual force. If you combine the spiritual force with your attacks, its power will stand out even more.

Surprise! An unexpected surprise brought about by the astronomical bounty! The astronomical bounty indeed put Luo Feng under huge stress. Some people could even collapse under this pressure. But some people would work even harder under this stress and improve at an astounding rate.

And Luo Feng received improvement! “I have to thank Li Wei’s parents” Luo Feng’s face was full of happiness, “That ‘astronomical bounty’ indeed spawned fear in the bottom of my heart and made me feel like anyone could betray me. Thankfully, I became happy after chatting with Xu Xin….. this gigantic change made me extraordinarily calm”

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