Archivity | Choose your Novel: Complete!

Status: status?


ENG: Hello Guys! I announce the STOP for the poll HERE.

Below there are the votes. I’m happy, we have a winner!!!

With 14 votes more than the second! A pretty close match. Third place with near 100 votes from the second and forth place alike.

Fifth place… why?…. why??? i know you like to joke, but WHERE AM I???? Let me tell you: in the world! In a country! In your body! Near your pc/tablet/mobile/granny! Surfing the web/ playing some rpg/ downloading porns (and your granny is watching you) ! On WordPress! On this blog: Archivity!

Well, if you can’t find your way home, please call your parents, friends, ask for informations, call police, search for your coords, go south until you can see penguins or ask your Granny near you.

Jokes aside. I’ll start translating “I’m Back in the Other World?” from July 25.

I need an editor and two proofreaders. If you are interested write in the comments.

Well, thanks to all of you!


 I’m Back in the Other World? 34.63%  (231 votes) 

Yomigaeri no Maou 32.53%  (217 votes) 

Sorry, Oniisama! 18.29%  (122 votes) 

My Fox Spirit Master (The Fox Spirit’s Servant) 4.35%  (29 votes)  

Where am i? 3.75%  (25 votes) 

Re: An idiot can also save the world? 2.7%  (18 votes) 

The Emperor’s Seal: War in a Different World 1.95%  (13 votes) 

help with an ongoing translation 0.9%  (6 votes) 

I don’t care… 0.45%  (3 votes) 
Translate one but not these novel (write in the comments) 0.3%  (2 votes)  
Write your own story! 0.15%  (1 votes) 
Don’t translate! 0%  (0 votes) 

Total Votes: 667

Editor Test, please check here

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6 Responses to Archivity | Choose your Novel: Complete!

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  2. IAmTheKroc says:

    Hello, IAmTheKroc

    I’m interested in signing up to be an editor.

    If you need a way to contact me, please reply.


  3. ricecal says:

    Definitely, looking forward to these. 🙂
    Thank you very much.


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