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CD Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 18, ‘Punishment’

In the quiet side room, Gislason was seated on a chair, while Linley was standing off to one side. Gislason just looked at Linley, looked at him quietly, not saying a word. The pressure that filled this side room caused Linley to unconsciously feel fear.

“The Patriarch summoned me here, but he isn’t saying anything. What is he going to do?” Linley was panicking.

After standing in the side room for a long time, Linley finally couldn’t resist from speaking out. “Patriarch…”

Gislason, startled out of his pondering, looked at Linley. He let out a low sigh, that icy, tyrannical aura that had been present in the main palace hall now gone from his face. The only thing left was grief. Gislason sighed, “Linley, where are you from?”

“From another plane.” Linley said.

“The Yulan Plane, right?” Gislason said casually.

Linley was startled. How did this Gislason know? Could it be that he had already investigated Linley’s background?

“Right.” Linley nodded.

“The Yulan Plane. It really is.” Gislason raised his head. Silently, a tear dripped down his face, landing on the ground. “Drip!” As it hit the ground, the teardrop broke apart.

“The Patriarch…is crying?” Linley was completely stunned.

The leader of the Azure Dragon clan, this ultimate expert, Gislason…was crying? Linley could even understand it if Gislason wanted to kill him, but why had Gislason just shed a tear?

“Let me take a look at your Azure Dragon ring. There’s no need to remove the blood binding.” Gislason let out a low sigh.

“Azure Dragon ring?” Linley stared in astonishment at Gislason. After the Emanuel affair, he had already changed the appearance of the Coiling Dragon ring. From outside appearances, there was no way anyone could tell that his ring was a Sovereign artifact.

Gislason’s forehead furrowed. Raising his head up, he looked at Linley. “I told you to give me your Azure Dragon ring and let me take a look at it. Don’t worry. I’m not being greedy for your Azure Dragon ring. I have my own!” As he spoke, Gislason stretched out his right hand.

Linley looked at it. Indeed, on his right hand, there was a ring that was completely identical to the Coiling Dragon ring. Only, the color was azure.

“Originally, Father refined two soul-protecting Sovereign artifacts, one for himself to use, and another which he gave me.” Gislason said softly. Linley, astonished, stared at the ring on the Patriarch’s hand.

That Azure Dragon ring was a complete, undamaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.

“Patriarch, go ahead and look.” Linley immediately tossed over his Coiling Dragon ring.

Gislason’s eyes lit up, and he immediately accepted the Coiling Dragon ring. Even the right hand which he used to hold this ring began to tremble slightly, and faint tears appeared in his eyes. “Father! Father!!!” Gislason stared at this Coiling Dragon ring as though it were an unsurpassingly holy object.

“This is the material it was made of. Right…” Gislason stroked it, his eyes closed.

Linley had never been certain as to what the Coiling Dragon ring was made of. In the Yulan Plane, Linley didn’t know, and even now, he still didn’t know.

“This Sovereign artifact is damaged, right?” Gislason opened his eyes, then tossed the Coiling Dragon ring back to Linley.

“Right.” Linley nodded.

“What’s the situation on the damage?” Gislason asked.

“The soul-protecting Sovereign artifact appears as a membrane. On the surface of it, there is a small hole. Just a single hole. The other parts of it are completely undamaged.” Linley didn’t lie.

“A single small hole?”

Gislason frowned. “Capable of killing my father and the rest of the four Sovereigns, and also break through a Sovereign artifact…just a small hole?” Gislason’s mind raced through many possibilities. Just from the hole in the Sovereign artifact, Gislason had already come to a conclusion regarding the killer.

“It was definitely one of those people!”

As soon as Gislason thought of who the enemy was, he felt helpless. “The enemy definitely doesn’t care at all about little people like us. Even the most powerful of Highgods is nothing in front of a Sovereign.” Gislason already stood at the very precipice of Highgods.


Compared to a Sovereign, he didn’t have any ability to fight back at all. The enemy was able to kill four great Sovereigns. What was a few Highgods?

“Patriarch, is the clan going to confiscate my ring?” Linley asked, worried.

Gislason glanced at him, then said, “Since Father chose you to be the inheritor of this Azure Dragon ring, then you being in possession of this Azure Dragon ring is Father’s will. Father’s will is something which nobody, no matter who they are, is qualified to change!”

Linley’s heart calmed down.

As Gislason looked at Linley, he couldn’t help but think of his father. In the past, their ancestor, the ‘Azure Dragon’, had been very caring towards his son and daughter. As for the grandsons and future generations of the clan, the Azure Dragon hadn’t cared too much.

“Patriarch, I am puzzled about one thing.” Linley couldn’t help but ask.

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