Cross Gun: Chapter 23 – The 『Establishment』


Chapter 23: The 『Establishment』

「…this is?」

Junichi felt discomfort as he stepped foot in front of the 『Establishment』.

Inside of a dark, rustic alley way, a dark haired boy stood in front of a flickering neon sign which simply read, ‘Husky.’

Any signs of decency of the 『Establishment』 was immediately lost. No matter how you looked at the 『Establishment』, only one word could describe its atmosphere perfectly: ‘suspicious.’

However, the source of Junichi’s discomfort did not lie in its overall appearance, nor did it lie in the atmosphere surrounding the 『Establishment』.

No, Junichi’s discomfort was caused by one fact.

Junichi had visited this 『Establishment』 many times before.

This 『Establishment』, despite its appearance, is actually a tavern. A mercenary’s HUB if you will. Many customers and clients use this ‘establishment’ as a means of requesting mercenaries to complete jobs, some clean, some dirty.

This, in a sense, was Junichi’s workplace. He…

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