Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 22 (Re-Written)

Raising the Dead Backup Site

Author — Light

So, ahh, I’ve deleted the previous chapter and rewritten this one! It’s completely different!! I can tell ya, last chapter was like….pretty awful. That’s what happens when a man is confronted with grief, lack of sleep, and a whole lot other stuff. If no ones knows, my uncle passed away a few days ago, and I was pretty busy helping with lots of stuff. both mental and physical exhaustion ain’t stuff to trifle with, mates!

P.S: I hope this one is a lot less confusing. I always have a lot of ideas when writing, which tend to confuse me as well…which leads to half-assed written stuff…

「And so, your son apologizes with all his heart!」

I knelt down with all my might at my parents, who I’ve tied up to a tree a few hours ago.
My head has hit the ground with all it’s power, so…

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