Vol. 3 Chapter 34: Smuu Household (I)

After following after Helena for about 10 minutes, we finally arrived at our destination.

If I had not came along with her today, I wouldn’t have known that there’s a shop that sells dolls located at the outer sector of the academy.

The shop was facing in the opposite direction of the business district, and normally, no one would come here.

But, the area covered by the shop was large, and was 8 stories high.

The entire building was cast in metal. Although there’s coating on the walls to prevent the reflection of sunlight, but, at the position of the joints, the traces of welding were still visible.

Also, from the labels at the entrance, customers are able to know the different types of products available in the respective floors. They provide regular aesthetic dolls, magical puppets, and even automatons.

I kind of feel like, with this kind of products…

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