Cleanup – Chapter 13

お兄ちゃん、やめてぇ! Iä! Iä! Konlulu fhtagn!

The Winter is Almost Here – Q of Diamonds (Part 2)

Note: Please don’t read it in the little pop-up for the reader. For some reason it doesn’t reflect my later edits (which I often make a lot of after publishing), so please click ‘view original’.

1106515577One Day I Became a Burikko Villainess Noble Girl, out now.
Honto tutorial here.

Think of it as throwing money at the author and Alphapolis, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

“C-, Could you please stop with that? I’m-…”

I reflexively glared at His Highness Royce, but he wasn’t perturbed in the slightest.
With that gentle and warm expression still on his face, he just lowered his eyebrows a little, looking troubled.
…I’m sure he isn’t troubled at all.

“Sorry, sorry. I suppose it’s about time to get down to business. Your angry face is…

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