She Professed Herself The Pupil of The Wise Man Chapter 21

A fish once said this to me:

Chapter 21 – Mira builds relations

Fish: Hey guys! If you find any awkward wording or mistakes feel free to point them out in the comments. It’ll help me later when I have to check them all over again in the future!

Real Title: Adventurers Coordination Union

It was three days since they left the capital of the Alkite Kingdom, the Lunatic Lake. Smacking her lips at the sansai cuisine, which they got in a village on the way, Mira began to get used to the carriage travel. The carriage passed the gates of the Requiem City Caranach located next to the rank C dungeon, 『Ancient Shrine Nebulapolis』 and entered the main street.

“Have we gotten there at last?”

Mira popped her head out from the carriage and swept a glance at the lively street. It was a little past the noon and people, leaving their workplaces for a lunch, surged…

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