Vol. 3 Chapter 35: Smuu Household (II)

Walts Smuu 47 Years Old Male
LV 27 Lightning Magician LV ?? Doll Maker
[Neutral] [Resolute] [Doll Hand] [High-Leveled Merchant] [Mousse Doll Merchant Guild Member] [Unlimited Eyes] [Technician] [???]

As I thought, I’m able to see more information about my targets after leveling that skill. With a single glance, I’m already able to understand Walts’ personality and know about his achievements.

Of course, because of the difference in our actual levels, naturally, there are still some things that are not revealed. But, the basic information is already enough.

It would be better if I’m able to collect more information. After all, we come from a digital age.

“Esteemed father, from what I heard from Fir, like Lester, he has some understanding regarding the book called ‘Physics’.”

The moment we settled down at the table, Helena immediately initiated the topic.

Young miss, is it really fine for you to actually start introducing…

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