Cross Gun: Chapter 24 – Answers(?)


Chapter 24: Answers(?)

「So? You mind giving me some answers?」

Junichi asked as he sipped on a cup of cola.

「Where do you want to start?」

Yoshino asked in return.

「First things first, who, or what is 『Cross』?」

Junichi questioned the girls.

「I mean, I roughly get that he’s a version of me from a parallel world…but that doesn’t explain anything that’s happened to me.」


Yoshino rubbed her temples.

「Let me try and think of a good way to explain it.」

「…you underwent a 『Contract』, correct?」

「…yeah. I did.」

Junichi answered the navy haired girl, currently drinking a glass of, what seemed to be, milk.

「A 『Contract』, otherwise known as 『Soul Resonance』, is the act of two souls linking with each other.」

Rin started explaining.

「It is because of this link that we are able to access powers that are not available to our race. Powers from a parallel…

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