Vol. 3 Chapter 36: Deep Within the Smuu Household

Since the people nearby weren’t especially using any sort of hiding abilities, and I was able to locate their positions using the mini-map, I was able to move quickly through the gaps in their movements and stay unnoticed.

Of course, even though I said I wanted to interrogate her, but, I don’t really dare to directly attack her and force her to tell me what she knows. After all, her level is much higher than mine.

However, snatching the things they are holding onto and listening in on their conversations, aren’t that difficult to accomplish.

The space in this floor was still rather large. Looking from afar, at the other side of the current floor, the Smuu father and daughter were in a room, probably studying the blueprint I drew.

And several maids just finished clearing up the table, and were heading to another room together.

I quickly followed after…

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