Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 89 – The Eccentric God Hand

The Ramblings of A.

Real life has already started touching OverTheRanbow and alyschu.

So I snatched SummerRain (another casual) from Magic, Mechanics, Shuraba for a bit, and asked him if he wanted to help translate some ATG. And he agreed! We’re still going to go about this casually and we’re not sure if this would make the future translation releases slower, but another translator who pops in every so often is always good news!

This last committed chapter of the week is translated by our very own SummerRain and touched by alyschu. Since my naming sense is terrible, OverTheRanbow, the winner of the poll I put up last time, got chose Yun Che’s bogus title.

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