Vol. 3 Chapter 37: Secret of the Smuu Household

Earlier, when I used my magic skill, it was evidently felt by the maids and the three members of the Smuu household. Knowing that I couldn’t stay here for long, I quickly took out my Blasphemer and knocked the entrance to the ventilation duct open. I turned back and cast freezing magic on the freezer’s door to seal it. Then, immediately after, I went into the duct.

Kuh, it’s hard to crawl in here.

Not just that, this place is freaking narrow!

If I recall, in most games, several protagonists use this ultimate passage to complete missions in different buildings! But why does it hurts so much when I’m the one crawling?

Suddenly, I felt the pain of being the protagonist of a game. Every day, he had to crawl in this slippery passage. It must have been really tough on him.

Although it’s for the sake of killing people…

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