Chapter 7 – The Silent One

Forgotten Conqueror


As expected, the true motives hidden behind the excuse of an audience came into full view. It was unprecedented for the King to personally invite the champion for an audience, and upon seeing Lord Ravon, he had suspected something was up.

Kaidus lowered his head and bowed. “Forgive me your majesty, but I must–”

“Kaidus.” Lord Ravon interrupted him. “What are you doing son? Becoming a part of the nobility means you can live anywhere within the inner wards. Not only that, you will be given territory outside of Ferrent from his Majesty’s own land to call yours. It is not every day that his majesty awards such honors.”

“I understand my lord, but even so I must graciously refuse.” Not lifting his head, Kaidus declined without hesitation.

“Won’t you take a moment to think about it? Wouldn’t your parents want this for you?” Lord Ravon reasoned.

“It is not…

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