Destruction Flag Otome – Chapter 30

Omega Harem Translations

Chapter 30 – My heart is in a mess

“The tea that you pour for me has such a gentle taste to it.”

Mother said with a gentle smile as she stroked my younger self’s head. Every day was peaceful and happy.

However, that happiness was suddenly stolen away from me…… In such a terrible way……

Then, I swore to myself. That I would definitely get revenge on those that stole away our happiness from us, and take away both their lives and their social statuses.

I’m the only son of Marquis Deek, Sirius Deek. That’s my current name.

Since I have magic power, I entered magic school when I was 15. Since my academics and magic powers were both really good, I got selected to be a member of the student council, and everyone in the Deek house praised me for it.

When I first started to often hear…

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