Vol. 3 Chapter 38: Chatting in the Night

“Human body modifications… It sounds pretty interesting.”

Aliyah pondered for a moment, and then answered.

“So you’re trying to modify your own body?”

“Me? Quit with the jokes.”

I hurried shook my head.

“Even if we’re in another world, and no matter how this place feels exactly like a game, but, the realism of the world is really high. I don’t wish to experiencing turning into a frankenstein.”

“Eh~ And here I thought you have begun to treat this world as your home.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you seem to be enjoying your life in this world, you know.”


I’m enjoying it?

She’s right. I’m really enjoying this world where I’m able to resurrect myself, and where I’m able to experience things that would only happen in games in my previous world.


Occasionally, this world would give me an unrealistic feeling.

“If you put it that…

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