Kyuuketsu Hime Ch 2 Episode 5

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Ah… I marathoned Hibike, it’s surprisingly good.



Episode 5 Mask Play

“My sincerest apologies.”

Prince Ashyl bowed once again― “That is enough already. Please return to your seat, prince …Or rather, a man should not carelessly lower his head.”  I softly gave him my candid advice. Seeing him bow to me so much is quite unpleasant.

“Indeed. For someone who stands on the top, it makes you question their ability.”  Mikoto said in a superior tone as if ‘The Princess does not bow before anyone’, but actually just two or three day ago I also bowed before Guild Leader Collard.

―Oh no, if that gets leaked out I’m gonna die…Collard, geez!

I quietly averted my eyes from Mikoto.

It seems that the healing spell was effective because Carlos began to rise unsteadily, and bowed his head where he stood.

“I have done something impolite. ―It’s inexcusable for me, your highness.”

“Don’t mind it, instead…

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