Cross Gun: Chapter 27 – 『Cocoa』


Chapter 27: 『Cocoa』

*Knock* *Knock*

Junichi knocked on the door of a certain apartment.

No response came.

(-tch. Are they sleeping or what?)

Junichi rubbed his scalp as he proceeded to pull out his phone.

He placed his phone close to, what looked like, a black box built into the wall. The box had a small red dot flashing on it, with a circular button just below. It was a door bell.

However, Junichi knew it wasn’t just any ordinary door bell.

If one were to press this, a self-defence system would activate. The one who was at the door bell would be fired upon by an array of hidden weaponry.

It was made to protect the ones inside the apartment from hostile external forces. Incidentally, even though the door seemed to be made of wood, it thickly reinforced so that only a bomb would be able to scratch it.

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