“Shinka no Mi” Chapter 12: Conclusion / End

Henouji Translations

Disclaimer(??):What’s this?
Nyways Editor-san edited this with all her might… So don’t be MEAN!!! And yeah I’ve finished this a month ago but the editing and checking was sloooooooow that I posted it, cause I HATE WASTED EFFORT!! And yeah, this is low quality…

Sorry Lazy Panda for releasing this without your consent but I had the consent of Cyrogen 😛.

Enjoy cause the next one is next month!!! Not my project so don’t count on me on translating this.


Em too lazy to check XD (Ironic, because I always translate a chapter of Get Naked even if I don’t want to)

­Chapter 12: Conclusion/ End

Translator: Henouji                                                                   Editor: Degs



During my fight with the Kaiser Kong, a subtle pause in the fight appeared.

…… Mou ne, what was that. You’re that eager to hit me. I want to die.

For the…

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