Vol. 3 Chapter 40: The Dark Library

Thanks to x19 Unlimited for your donation!~ Will try to schedule in another chapter somewhere next week, though I’m really busy this month.

Aliyah first went out of the library, and then she leapt onto one of the windows at the side and re-entered the library. And because I didn’t enter the library through the main entrance, I naturally wouldn’t do the same thing.

And the library isn’t a high-class place, so naturally, there aren’t any traps or reinforcements in place on the windows at the first floor.

“Alright, how are we going to do this?”

Looking at the assassin-like Aliyah, who was dressed in black, I whispered.

Of course, I changed my appearance as well. Although I do not have a clue whether there’s anyone patrolling the upper floors, but, it’s best to disguise myself in such situations.

“Usually, whenever we enter a different floor, there will be a…

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