Vol. 3 Chapter 41: Mysterious Shadow

I placed my tachi back into the ring, and what replaced it was my Blasphemer.

I waved it across the dark library, and a sparkling blue fog completely covered the entire library’s second floor in an instant.

The upgraded version of Restrictor of the Frozen Earth – Intermediate-Grade Magic Skill, Encroacher of the Frozen Earth!

Using 300MP, fill an entire space (Max Size: 500mX500mX500m) with cold air. Has a 50% probability of freezing the target’s’ movement abilities, lasting 5 seconds.

But the biggest use of this magic skill isn’t its effect, rather, it’s the fact that it affects hidden enemies as well. In other words, as long as a space has been covered with this cold air, whatever enemies that are hiding in that space will be revealed.

As I expected, the moment I used this magic skill, a strange red dot suddenly appeared on my mini-map!

“At our…

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