Himekishi ga Classmate vol 1 ch 3


I left a lot of (iya, yada, kirai, etc.) type words because it turns me on more if I left it as romanji and it basically sounds better. I will mix it up sometimes so it doesn’t get stale. I will also start changing up Juutsu Shiki every once in a while with Magic Spell instead of the usual Spell Formula since it gets boring using the same thing. This is why we have a thesaurus. They both mean the same thing. I will head to sleep now and the next chapter I will start doing and release will be Elf Tensei. My Goal is Volume 1 completion within one month of the Light Novel Volume 2. For Himekishi, I have set my goal to try and surpass the plot in the manga. It is a good thing for me it is a bimonthly. My Goal for everything is to…

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