KnW Chapter 139: Hiiro’s Coming-Out

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Yoracchi, you’re way too fast! Hah…I guess this is turning out to be a pretty good Monday for a lot of readers today.

Chapter 141 is still in editing, so this unfortunately won’t be a triple release. Please be patient, it’ll come out eventually.

This chapter, please thank Cross-nii for editing and Leo-tan for proofreading! Enjoy!

Chapter 139: Hiiro’s Coming-Out

Shinobu spoke about their group, the heroes who had been summoned to 【Edea】, as well as the reason for why they had come to the 【Demon Country: Xaos】without concealing a single detail.

After discussing it with Shuri, they together had decided that she should do so. It had been Shuri’s idea to talk with the Maou about themselves.

Naturally, Shinobu had been unable to deny the possibility of them being executed on the spot. However, if they remained where they were, not only would they continue to cause trouble for…

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