KnW Chapter 140: The Two Heroes’ Treatment

Kiriko Translations

Threats aren’t gonna make me post any faster, you know? Yare yare…kids these days. Rather, that’s one pretty horrific torture method you’ve thought of there, Setsuna-san….it’s almost worthy of having been thought of by Sakkun (lol)…

Please thank Cross-nii for editing and Leo-tan for proofreading again! Cheers!

Chapter 140: The Two Heroes’ Treatment

For a short while, nobody said anything. Liliyn only sighed as though amazed, while Nikki’s voice could be heard saying, “Ooh~! That form of Shishou’s is the coolest after all!”. Soon after, Mikazuki’s voice rang out, saying, “Yeah yeah! Master’s normal appearance is the best!”

Even Aquinas was completely surprised at Hiiro’s words and actions, that he had forgotten to blink as he froze.

“Wh-wh-wh-wh…….” (Eveam)

Eveam simply repeated the same short sound at regular intervals. As she did so, an incredible killing intent welled up from Marione, and just as he was about to aim his…

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