Vol. 3 Chapter 42: Theft Failure

I accidentally scheduled this chapter on next monday woops.

Thanks to Matúš Tundér for your generous donations!

Expect a surprise this weekend. Eheheh.

Chaotic Flow – 49 Types of Ice Arrows!”

Countless numbers of magic formations expanded in the air, and immediately after, ice arrows flew out speedily of the formations, leaving trails of blue light in the air. And all the blue trails pointed to a single direction, and that was the black shadow which replicated my appearance.

An intermediate-grade ice arrow skill, which could simultaneously launch 49 arrows onto the enemy. The skill surrounds the enemy in all directions, and it completely prevents the enemy from escaping!

Countless ice arrows pierced into the black shadow at the same time. The stream of ice arrows formed a shape of an ice flower, causing the spot the black shadow was on to turn into an artistic large ice sculpture!

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