World Teacher Volume 2: Chapter 2 (9) (alternative)

Omega Harem Translations

An alternative translation for World Teacher Volume 2: Chapter 2 (9) is now available.

Main page.

Volume 2: Chapter 2

Let’s start with general updates about what I’ve been up to (skip this paragraph if you’re not interested). I took a week off a fortnight ago to assist with one of the 1-year anniversary releases for Re:Translations (more precisely, for one chapter of Master of Monsters). Last week, instead of translating, I spent my spare time ‘socializing’ (i.e. playing games online and chatting) with my friends that I had been neglecting recently because of translating.

Okay, now for updates on these alternative translations. I’ve rearranged, added and removed some bits from the Notes & disclaimers section on the main page (mostly mirrored below). I shall also be prioritizing translation of Master of Monsters over this one (for a variety of reasons) from now on. This is not to say that…

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