Vol. 3 Chapter 43: Evil Accumulation

We left my dormitory after I removed my disguise. I then realized I went a little bit overboard tonight.

As a young man who is filled with love for this entire world, even though I robbed a library in the night, and even have the thought of robbing a kingdom’s treasury, but, I believe I’m still a very upright young man.

At least, that’s what I believe.

Even if the world doesn’t really think that way.

Evil Accumulation
Rob a School Library: 5,000 ‘Evil’ Points
Destroy a School Library: 30,000 ‘Evil’ Points
Burn Down a School Library: 60,000 ‘Evil’ Points
Total: 95,000 ‘Evil’ Points
[Scapegoat] effect activated. 35,000 ‘Evil’ Points converted to EXP.
60,000 ‘Evil’ Points accumulated.

Title Unlocked: [Criminal]

Title [Criminal] leveled up!
Current LV 2

Title [Criminal] leveled up!
Current LV 5

[Criminal] Effect: Affinity with Criminals increased by 50%.

I turned and looked at Aliyah…

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