Cross Gun: Chapter 28 – Who is ‘he’?


Chapter 28: Who is ‘he’?


「Now, now. Don’t be too depressed.」



「Stop worrying. We don’t need someone like him.」


Within the 『Establishment』, the group of girls were gathered around a table. The very same table that had sat the black haired youth earlier.

(Why did he reject us?)

Yoshino was currently mulling this question over and over in her head.

The reason she did not voice this was because the answer to such a question was blatantly obvious.

There was no gain for him.

There only lied risk.

It made sense that he would reject them.

However, Yoshino had hoped that Junichi would accept regardless.

After all, he did save her when she was about to get shot by the bouncer.

There was no benefit for him then.

(…no, that’s not right.)

There was no benefit…because it was necessary.

From what Yoshino had gathered, Junichi had…

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