Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 142: Late Night Conversation


Translations: Caps
Editing: Caps + Sakkun
Proofreading: Caps + Sakkun

Chapter 141 hasn’t been posted yet at this time. If you prefer reading in chronological order, this is not the time

Late Night Conversation

The night grew late, and at a time where everyone else would normally be asleep Aquinas stood alone on the terrace, looking up towards the starry sky while holding a glass of wine in one hand.

After taking a small sip, he lightly closed his eyes.

Aquinas: 「…To think that you would return to this country」

He said as he stood there, as if speaking to himself. Then a small shadow appeared from behind him. Her face, illuminated by the moonlight, could be clearly seen.

Aquinas’s eyes widened slowly, as though he knew about this individual, and spoke.

Aquinas: 「…Liliyn?」

Yes, the one who had appeared was Liliyn.

Liliyn: 「Hmph, I didn’t return because I wanted…

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