Magi Craft Meister Volume 2 Chapter 12

Natsu TL

Chapter was easier than I thought except for one part that had me stuck for nearly half an hour.

I’m off to read manga and end up falling asleep, waking up at 2PM in the afternoon as usual.

So much to do like play Astebreed (not VN), Princess Evangile, Ao no Kanata, Kikokugai, and a whole bunch more VNs but not enough time. Still gotta read a lot of LNs too like Index… I need a gap of free time (school break when ;-;) to marathon that since when I try to read it I get distracted and end up putting it on hold again and have only gotten as far as Volume 7.

Reminder that MCM Chapter 13-15 will be released Friday and UchiNara Chapter 1 will be completed by next week Wednesday at the latest.

Chapter here:
Magi Craft Meister Volume 2 Chapter 12

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