Cross Gun: Chapter 30 – The Abduction


Chapter 30: The Abduction

「This is 『Shadow』. I have a visual of the target.」

Rin spoke while perched on the roof of a skyscraper.

It was currently 11 PM. The target, Yanagi Kana, was currently walking along a deserted street with a young girl beside her.

Yanagi Kana was a rather tall, slender woman that seemed to be rather fit and agile. Her black, short hair was straightened and hung to her shoulders. She was wearing black trousers and a black shirt. Although she seemed to not have much ‘assets’, Kana was apparently in a relationship with a man of great kindness, even if not of great wealth.

Of course, this last bit of information came from the profile they had received from 『Maverick』, the person that had passed along the 『Scarlet Ashes』’ current request.

The request to protect Yanagi Kana from the 『Hawk』, the Ashes’ true target.

「Roger. This…

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