End of Volume 3 + News + Changes and Stuffs

So yeah, I was thinking that the short input at the end of chapter 51 wasn’t enough, so I decided to make a full post.

Ahem, I have officially hit the 2 million views mark on this site, and I had 2 generous donors in the last week, so I decided to do a small tsunami of chapters, rushing all the way to the end of Volume 3. Thank you for all your support! And I realized I  happened to receive another generous donation from Charles just a moment ago, thank you as well!

Now, I will be taking a break from translating for a day or so. During this break, I will be:

1. Do some changes to the labeling of links and adding a Next/Previous chapter button to all chapter posts. Expect some broken links and stuff today and tomorrow.

2. Revising Volume 1 and Volume 2 again…

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