Mo Tian Ji new chapter

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Mo Tian Ji new chapter, enjoy!

MTJ Book 1 – Chapter 9 – Receiving the Envoy

“Regardless of what the Bai Family head did, since he had them deliver that Young Master here, I reckon that they intend to stake everything on this one throw. From what I know, the Bai Family’s strength has declined quite a bit since their peak and taking out this amount of resources is a major strain for them. I guess they have no other choice, since in the entire Bai Clan, only Bai Yan Er became a spirit apostle. In fact, there aren’t many Bai clan members that survived the various Awakening ceremonies either. This Bai Chong Tain should be carrying the hopes of Bai Clan.” The Elder said faintly.

“The reason as to why Bai Clan chose this Barbarian Ghost Sect, which is ranked the lowest among the largest sects in Da Xuan, is because of how little the Sect requires for other people to join in their Awakening Ceremony. If not for Aunt Yun in this Barbarian Ghost Sect, I would never have come to this sect. I don’t like how the Barbarian Ghost Sects deals in demons and ghosts.” Mu Ming Zhu pouted her lips.

“Hmph, how many times have I told you? The Awakening Ceremony is extremely dangerous and even though you’ve displayed decent talent in training, it’s not set in stone until you pass the Awakening Ceremony. Your Aunt Yun should have a position in this Awakening ceremony so even though she can’t help you much, she can save your life if you should fail. Or else, our Mu Clan would send you to a better Sect than this; we do not lack the resources.” The green-robed elder responded with a solemn face.

“Yes, Zhu Er understand she’s wrong.” Seeing that the elder was turning angry, the purple-dressed young girl immediately dropped her face, not daring to say another word.

“Even though Bai Clan and we Mu Clan have had a little uneasiness because of your aunt, our two clans are much closer compared to other clans. We’ve always exchanged gifts at events and never skipped out on any of them. In addition, for Bai Chong Tian to be able to come to this Awakening Ceremony, his talent is probably quite good. Try to get close to him before the ceremony and if he really does pass the Awakening ceremony, then Bai Clan and Mu Clan could go back to the old days. Although your aunt’s matter is a little saddening, we have to think of the big picture.” The green robed elder slowly spoke.

Even though Mu Ming Zhu didn’t want to do anything like that at all, she could only nod her head like a chicken pecking for rice.

This “Third Uncle” was a top tier Practitioner and was only second to the family head in Mu Clan. Unless she became a Spirit Apostle, she would have to listen to him.

However, because of this Uncle’s speech, Ming Zhu was instinctively annoyed at “Bai Chong Tian”.

Liu Ming, who was still resting and training his Yuan Li on his rock didn’t realize what was happening.

Even if he had the talent to do two things at once, his time in training was a little low; thus, if he wanted to become better, it was not going to be easy at all.

Like this, with the two sides not bothering each other, they stayed at the top of the mountain for an entire day.

On the second day, another two people came up from the path where the Mu Clan group first appeared.

This time it was an old man and a young man.

The old man had a grey robe with creases all over his face; in his hand was a smoke stick.

The young man was about as old as Liu Ming and wore a brand new blue robe. His skin was slightly dark, while he looked extremely honest.

When the young man saw that there were already people on the mountain peak, he paused for a second.

The grey robed old man wasn’t surprised at this situation and after calling out to the young man, found a place to sit.

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