Vol. 3 Chapter 46: Blue Ice, Wooden Pole


Parvro who rushed out of the ice block laughed slightly. He’s too frightening. Just what kind of monster did he transform into? Although I know that druids have the ability to transform, but…

This kind of transformation which turned his skin into the roughness of a dark tree bark is really disgusting, urgh.

And aren’t druids known to be a peace and nature loving race that have good relationships with everyone? Why did such a monster appear in front of me?

His hair turned into small strands of vines, and from afar, they looked exactly like the vines that are grown on the trees.

If mother nature were to really give birth a monster like you naturally, then I will no longer say things like ‘I love mother nature’.

Half an hour… This guy said the barrier will not collapse for at least half an hour. Damn it. Do…

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