Vol. 3 Chapter 47: Cage

I heard you guys like tsunamis.

PoV: Aliyah

“Dark Magic, ‘Aersimikas’ Cage’… Who would’ve thought that someone would bring such a terrifying magic skill into the campus! Attack! Use your full strength to break that barrier!”

The moment I received the message from Fir, the black barrier enveloped the arena.

No matter how those Magicians attacked, the black barrier was only scratched slightly, other than that there was no notable damage. 10 minutes passed since then, and yet the barrier still remained unbroken.

Previously, when I received the message, I immediately rushed to the principal’s side to convey what Fir had told me.

“Assassin… An assassin that wields Dark Magic?”

After listening to me, The principal immediately turned towards the people at the side and shouted.

“Quick! Go and inform the Church! Get them to send reinforcements in the shortest time possible!”


A Magician’s figure flew away in a…

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