Vol. 3 Chapter 48: Tainted Wing

George Bayl
LV 65 Saint Knight LV ?? ???
[Kind] [Firm] [Saint] [Darkness of the Saint Church] [Purifier] [Roaming Father] [Cardinal] [???] [???]

Because of Phad’s Eye’s raise in level, the amount of information I could see about him increased. Now, I fully understand how scary this old man really is.

LV 65? Saint Knight?

So you’re the legendary unbeatable meatshield. If one of our opposing teams had such a tank, then it will basically be too saddening.

Fortunately, a person like this isn’t an enemy. Otherwise, it will be seriously troubling.

George, who was standing on the ice block which was sliced in half, seemed to be looking for something. After inspecting the ice blocks for a while, he raised his fist.

A blinding holy light fell from the sky, enveloping Uncle George’s raised fist, and an illusionary white fist, which was about a quarter of the size of…

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