Vol. 3 Chapter 50: Academy Tower

On that day, the corpses of the actual two northern continent’s participants were found in their rooms. They were placed inside a black magical bag, which prevented any sort of weird stench from escaping.

And these two people basically did not interact with others often, so even if they were replaced, no one noticed at all.

But I found out something weird.

Even though they were replaced, why were their names the same?

Oh well. If I get the opportunity in the future, I will ask Parvro who was taken away by a large group of heavy armored knights. But, I might not be able to get the opportunity to do so.

After all, I’m probably already in Uncle George’s list of top ten dangerous individuals. But if he knew of my basically invincible disguise ability, he would definitely cry.

“I will report this situation to the upper echelons of…

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