Vol. 3 Chapter 51: Act, Act, and Act

PoV: Aliyah

“What is that boy, Fir, doing? He picks up a book, looks at it for a few seconds to a few minutes, and then puts it back into the shelf. Is he actually able to finish reading them in such a short time?”

The principal asked George who was beside him as he looked at the surveillance magic.

“I don’t think so. That boy is probably frustrated on what magic skill book to choose, I guess? Inside the tower, at the very least, the skill books are of at the Ougi level. It’s probably not that simple finding the skill that’s suitable for him, right?”

After hearing their conversation, In place of Fir, I felt shameful for him.

How is that guy frustrated on choosing which book he wants? He’s obviously expertly flipping the books on one hand, and then rapidly tapping on the ‘Yes’ button on the…

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