Cross Gun: Chapter 31 – The Trap


Chapter 31: The Trap


As Yoshino opened her eyes, she began to take in the scenery around her.

She was in an decrepit, abandoned room that had almost no pieces of furniture. Looking down, she could see the cold, concrete floor, illuminated by the rays of moonlight seeping in through a glass door.


As Yoshino tried to move her arms in order to stand up, she realized that they were tied behind her back.

As she tried to turn around in order to see her arms, she saw the figures of 4 other girls. 2 of which were her comrades, the other two were the ones that she had been following.

「-!? Rin-chan! Mayumi-chan! Wake up!」

Yoshino exclaimed as she struggled to get her body upright.



Thanks to Yoshino’s cries, both Mayumi and Rin managed to wake themselves up.

「We’ve been captured!」

Yoshino spoke with great urgency.

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